How Does Women Celebrating Life work?

We’re delighted you’re here! As you may have read, we’re a sisterhood of women 50 and older who are ready to celebrate, self-improve and serve so they can experience deep joy and purpose-filled lives.

We are committed to meeting their needs and helping them make this season the best years of their lives.

 Women Celebrating Life is designed with you in mind. Here’s what we offer – completely free of charge…

We offer Celebration Circles. These are gatherings of women who meet once a month in groups of 5 to 15, in the Celebration Circle Director’s home, or at another place chosen by members of the Circle.

Click here for information on what happens in Circles, and how to join or create a Celebration Circle in your area.

We offer a website jam-packed with uplifting articles, audio presentations, videos, and information about (and connections to) Celebration Circles worldwide. On the website Circle members in nations around the world will be able to communicate with one another, post their meeting times and events, photos, and more.

We offer two books: Believe It! Become It! How to Hurdle Barriers and Excel Like Never Before and Women Celebrating Life: Enriching Our Best Years (coming soon!). These books are filled with powerful, life-changing principles, wonderful examples, and stories of women who have overcome huge obstacles and now live joy-filled, purpose-driven lives.

We offer monthly Women Celebrating Life Webinars. These are entertaining and informative presentations given by experts and outstanding speakers who discuss issues women care about most – a new presentation every month! This is also a time to ask questions and talk “live” with other WCL participants. Sample WCL Webinars…

  • Great Balls of Fire! Dealing with Hot Flashes and Other Midlife Bodily Changes
  • How to Start a Business at 50+
  • 10 Ways to Stay Fit at Any Age
  • It’s About Time: Reclaiming Valuable Minutes that Add Hours to Your Day


We invite you to join Women Celebrating Life ~ a sisterhood of celebration, self-improvement, and service – completely free of charge.

Click here to learn about how to start or join a Women Celebrating Life Circle.

More on Women Celebrating Life, by Paula Fellingham, Founder…

Although I’m a realist who admits that sagging isn’t sexy, I’m an optimist who declares that today’s women 50 and older are not ‘over the hill’… we’re on TOP of the hill, seeing the endless possibilities before us!

We got where we are through hard work, sacrifice, and by breaking through glass ceilings doing things people said women couldn’t do. We now stand confidently, inviting all women our age to celebrate!

Women Celebrating Life challenges society’s perception that women become less valuable as they age. We believe that we can be more competent, more fun, more powerful, still desirable, and most of all, happier than we’ve ever been in our lives!

This organization was created when I noticed the very real and special needs women 50 and older have. It was created out of love for the women of the world, whom I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working with for over 30 years – in 37 nations.

Women Celebrating Life offers very real solutions for significant needs and concerns common to women 50 and older. Here are 5 of the “needs” most of us have during this season of our lives, and the “solutions” we offer…

Need:To know we’re not alone with our concerns and sagging skin.

WCL’s Solution: We’re a sisterhood; we’re there for our members 24/7 offering love, support, and encouragement.

Need: To know clearly how we can best use our time and talents during this season, and to believe we can contribute in meaningful ways.

 WCL’s Solution: We help you with your plans and dreams, and with the beliefs that will make them happen. (We’re dream believers!) And we offer the WIN BETTER YOU Seminar that’s helping so many women improve their lives on many levels – check out

Need: To know how to overcome the obstacles in our lives.

WCL’s Solution: We show you exactly how to hurdle every barrier in your life and excel like you’ve never excelled before.

Need: To have the tools and resources we need to enrich our lives.

Solution:  We provide many tools and resources to help women make these their best years ever! (Courses, trainings, retreats, events, travel)

Need: To know how to fill our cups so we can give love better from our overflow.

WCL’s Solution: Your cup will fill to overflowing as you join like-minded, caring women in celebration, self-improvement, and service.

May you be blessed as you enjoy this season of life to the fullest… seizing every opportunity to explore new possibilities, discover new gifts, and connect with other women heart-to-heart.