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Kay Swan

Welcome to Women Celebrating Life!

We are a sisterhood of “Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives.”

We celebrate all women ~ all ages ~ all cultures ~ all religions ~ all nations. We welcome you with open arms and loving hearts!

We invite you to start or join a Celebration Circle in your community.

Celebration Circles are groups of 5 to 15 like-hearted women who love and support each other as they laugh, learn, love, and lift each other. These women meet once a month and connect with each other heart-to-heart through celebration, self-improvement, and service.

Women in Celebration Circles explore new possibilities for their lives, they develop their talents, and they support and love each other… often keeping one another accountable as they help each other reach their personal goals and experience daily joy and meaningful fulfillment in their lives.

We invite you to participate with us in these ways…


  • Join our Global Community of Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives, so you can start or join a CELEBRATION CIRCLE in your area (only $35/year). To learn how, click here.
  • Enjoy our videos and articles, and read about your sisters worldwide.
  • Participate in our online Global Forum (Coming soon!)
  • Download Founder Dr. Paula Fellingham’s (free) TOTAL LIFE EXCELLENCE app. To learn how, click here.
We’d love it if you’d tell your friends about Women Celebrating Life! We’re excited about expanding quickly so women worldwide can learn how they can experience DAILY JOY and TOTAL LIFE EXCELLENCE as Women Celebrating Life!

With lots of love,

Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder
Kay Swan, International Director