April 3, 2017

About our Director, Kay Swan

Kay SwanKay T. Rawson Swan, PhD

Global Director for Women Celebrating Life!
Doctorate in Family and Human Relations
President of Thompson Rawson Co., Inc.
President Growing Our Future, LLC


 International Interests:

Dr. Kay Swan’s interests are in global issues impacting women and families and she has participated in numerous international events including being a delegate to United Nations Commission on Women, representing International Home Economics (IFHE).  Kay participated in the World Congress on Families in Geneva and has been a speaker at several conferences in the U.S. and Thailand.  She has sponsored Japanese and Chinese youth visiting the U.S., hosted many international families, and was the Utah chair for International Federation of Home Economists.



Dr. Swan has authored numerous articles, books and papers on women’s issues, starting with her doctoral dissertation: Women in Midlife. Other pieces include #1 Recommendation for White House Conference on Families; The Empty Nest Syndrome; Women in Transition at Midlife; Role Satisfaction in Midlife; How to Choose a Family Day Care Provider; Parenting Information and Topics of Family Living that are most Pertinent. Most recently Dr. Swan published the article Women During Midlife: Is It Transition or Crisis?


Though her most favorite position is her current one as the wife of former Utah State Senator Karl G. Swan and being grandparents of 52 “Grands”,  Grandmoma “K”  has held numerous positions as an advocate for women and families, including:

  • Founder of West Haven Institute providing retreats for women and families such as Marriage Enrichment, Women in Transition, Dealing with Death and Dying.
  • National Advisory Board for Brigham Young University (BYU) College of Home, Family and Social Science
  • Chair of the Utah Governor’s Commission on Women and Families
  • Director of Family Education Center and Vocational Coordinator for Child and Family Studies at Weber State University
  • BYU Education Week presenter and Assistant Director for Outreach for the Studies of the Family
  • Chairman of Weber State University’s Families Alive Conferences for 10 years
  • National Board for Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Delegate to National Democratic Convention; Candidate for Utah House of Representatives and listed in Who’s who in American Politics
  • National Parent and Teachers Association Honorary Life Membership, and Utah Education Association Honor Roll Award recipient
  • Weber State Alumni Board and Director on Board for Weber State Credit Union


TV and Radio Spots:

Dr. Swan has participated in several radio and television programs including New Horizons; Families Alive Conferences; Today in the West; Community Update; Resources for Families and Baby Your Baby.

Swanson family

Kay and Karl Swan with their children