We are women over 50 who are ready to celebrate, self-improve, and serve as we make these the best years of our lives.


We’re exploring new possibilities, discovering new gifts, and connecting with each other heart-to-heart.


The real truth is that most of us don’t like the idea of getting older because we lose things as we age!


That’s right, you know we do. We lose our smooth skin, good eyesight, strong muscles, and big chunks of our memory. But what we’ve gained is significantly more important. We’ve gained wisdom, empathy, perspective, and most importantly, an increased ability to love.


No, we can’t run as fast or jump as high, but we appreciate more and we should worry less. And we’ve learned that we just aren’t as concerned about what other people think about us, and that gives us freedom to do what we really want to do.


You can sense it. You know you’re transitioning because you’re bolder than you’ve ever been. You’ve waded through life’s muck and now you’re more clear about what you want. Parts of your life that you’ve been tolerating for years have now become intolerable. You don’t know what lies ahead, but you’re ready to figure out what comes next.


Many of us believe that along the way, while we were raising children, endlessly multitasking, or getting promotions, we set aside some things that now we want to retrieve: our dancing shoes; our screenplay; a law degree.


The need now is to be authentic. Whatever we’ve silenced should be voiced, whatever we’ve set aside should be picked up, and whatever good we haven’t lived should be experienced.


Right now there are millions of women over 50 asking, “What’s next?”


We’re not “over the hill,” we’re on top of the hill, looking at the endless possibilities before us! And we’re not in a crisis, we’re on a quest ~ searching for ways to reinvigorate our lives.


Ask us, and we’ll tell you that we’re ready to reinvigorate our lives as we explore new possibilities, discover new gifts, and connect with others heart-to-heart.


This is a time to bring our beliefs and our actions into harmony.


This is a time to remember the visions, hopes, and dreams we created years ago. This is a time to come fully into our own, reclaiming our passion and vitality.


This is a time of reckoning, because gravity has begun to have its way with us! A flat stomach may be a distant memory, and we may have to borrow someone’s reading glasses to read the menu. Yes, our skin has sagged, our hips have expanded, our chins have doubled, but our minds are sharp, our souls are wise, and our hearts are soft.


Of course we feel guilty about what we didn’t do and things we could’ve done better; we regret a bunch of decisions from our past and in quiet moments we anguish over things we can’t change now.


We even occasionally peek over our shoulders and wish for our youth again.

But most of us agree that we don’t want to go back and do it all again. What we want is to stand on the foundation of our experiences and hard-earned wisdom, take everything we’ve learned and everything we’ve become, and use it all to create a life that is deeply fulfilled, purposeful, and overflowing with love and joy.


Let’s choose to celebrate!