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Welcome to Women Celebrating Life! We are a sisterhood of “Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives.” We celebrate all women ~ all ages ~ all cultures ~ all religions ~ all nations. We welcome you with open arms and loving hearts! We invite you to start or join a Celebration Circle in your community. Celebration Circles are groups of 5 to 15 like-hearted women who love and support each other as they laugh, learn, love, and lift each other. These women meet once a month and connect with each other heart-to-heart through celebration, self-improvement, and service. Women in Celebration Circles explore new possibilities for their li...

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Loving The Woman That You Are, No Matter Your Age!

Ways to Gracefully Accept Change

Living with Joy & Purpose – Dr. Paula Fellingham


Woman sitting in living room
“Paula, it has been very inspiring to learn from you! To see your beautiful face and magnetic angelic smile and hear your voice and learn yo...
Kristin Johnson, Melbourne, Australia
Portrait of attractive and serene mature woman
“I learned SO MUCH today! Turning negative into positive, love who I am now, overcoming obstacles that get in the way of my dreams/goals… an...
Heather Tucker, CA
Headshot of woman smiling at camera
“This was a delightful experience!”
Myra Howard (City Council Member), Solvang, CA
“Paula, you can be very proud of the good work you’re doing. I highly commend your efforts.”
Colin Powell, Former U.S. Secretary of State
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